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2nd EAI International Conference on Cloud, Networking for IoT Systems

April 20–21, 2017 | Brindisi, Italy

IoT Data Storage in the Cloud: A Case Study in Human Biometeorology

Vanelli, Brunno (Federal University of Santa Catarina); Pinto, A.R. (Federal University of Santa Catarina); Silva, Madalena (Federal University of Santa Catarina); Dantas, M.A.R. (Federal University of Santa Catarina); Fazio, Maria (University of Messina); Celesti, Antonio (University of Messina); Villari, Massimo (University of Messina)

Big Data HIS of the IRCCS-ME Future: The Osmotic Computing Infrastructure

Carnevale, Lorenzo (University of Messina); Galletta, Antonino (University of Messina); Celesti, Antonio (University of Messina); Paone, Maurizio (IRCCS Centro Neurolesi , Messina); Bramanti, Placido (IRCCS Centro Neurolesi , Messina); Villari, Massimo (University of Messina)

Secure Data Sharing and Analysis in Cloud-Based Energy ManagementSystems

Anthi, EiriniSofia (Cardiff University); Javed, Amir (Cardiff University); Rana, Omer (Cardiff University); Theodorakopoulos, George (Cardiff University)

Fog Paradigm for Local Energy Management Systems

Javed, Amir (Cardiff University); Rana, Omer (Cardiff University); Marmaras, Charalampos (Cardiff University); Cipcigan, Liana (Cardiff University)

Orchestration for the Deployment of Distributed Applications with Geographical Constraints in Cloud Federation

Tricomi, Giuseppe (Università di Messina); Villari, Massimo (Università di Messina); Fazio, Maria (Università di Messina); Celesti, Antonio (Università di Messina)

IoT and Big Data: An Architecture with Data Flow and Security Issues

Puthal, Deepak ; Ranjan, Rajiv (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)

Nomadic Applications Traveling in the Fog

Hochreiner, Christoph (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien); Vögler, Michael (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien); Schleicher, JohannesM. (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien); Inzinger, Christian (S.E.A.L—Software Evolution & Architecture Lab, University of Zürich); Schulte, Stefan (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien); Dustdar, Schahram (Distributed Systems Group, TU Wien)

Web Services for Radio Resource Control

Atanasov, Ivaylo ; Pencheva, Evelina (Technical University of Sofia)

Dynamic Identification of Participatory Mobile Health Communities

Aljawarneh, IsamMashhour (University of Bologna); Bellavista, Paolo (University of Bologna); De Rolt, Carlos Roberto (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina); Foschini, Luca (University of Bologna); Montanari, Rebecca (University of Bologna)

Securing Cloud-based IoT Applications with Trustworthy Sensing

Haider, Ihtesham (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt); Rinner, Bernhard (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt)

Investigating Operational Costs of IoT Cloud Applications

Kertesz, Attila ; Kalmar, Edua Eszter (University of Szeged)